Real Estate in Arizona. Why move here?

Moving is a huge decision.

Arizona? What is there? Why should I move to Arizona February 4, 2015

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by!  Arizona!  Why move to Arizona?  Great question!  Let me first tell you I am from Wyoming. I have lived in Maryland, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC.  First I love the East Coast, but the winters are brutal.  You suffer through the hot humid summer to be hit with the super cold frigid air of winter.  My fingers get cold just typing about it.  My electric bill was high in the summer for the AC and high in the winter for the heater.  I hated it! I really couldn’t drive anywhere to escape the cold either. Where would I go to? Buffalo New York?  Ha!

I moved to Arizona after dealing with the East Coast winters expecting to hate the summers, run from scorpions and get bit by a snake.  That is what everyone believes Arizona to be.  I have to tell you its quite opposite!  My first time driving down here I was met by Flagstaff.  A beautiful small town about 3 hours north of Phoenix.  It was summer and the temperature was about 80 degrees.  I loved it!  flaggf Flagstaff mountains 4 copy flagstaff-snowbowl-1

As I continued driving I ran into Sedona.  The most beautiful place I have ever seen. You come up on red rock, lots of small town shops and meditation places all over.  This is the hippie location for Arizona.  Once you have seen this place you fall in love instantly.  Pictures don’t do it (1)downloadAs I continued my trek down south I got to Phoenix.  I was expecting desert landscape, cactus and scorpions everywhere.  Instead I got dairy farms, pastures and cotton fields.  It reminded me a lot of Wyoming.  My first summer was hot, but I didn’t stay outside all day long, I was in my air conditioned car and my air conditioned job.  So the heat never bothered me that much.  My electric bill in the summer is around $200.00 a month and in the winter $60.00 a month.  The winter months are amazing!  We never see snow in Phoenix but can get a snow fix up in Flagstaff along with all the skiing and snowboarding your heart desires.  I saw my first scorpion 7 years after moving here.  If you notice what it is, they are something you avoid just like any other spider or animal you may see where you live.  They do not kill people, but the sting is not fun, so I have heard.  I love Arizona for many reasons.  You can get to Vegas in 6 hours, Rock Point Mexico in 5 hours, San Diego in 6 and LA in 6.5. I am a Realtor here in the Valley and love it.  If you are looking for purchase or possibly move here I can answer any questions you may have.

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Thank you for reading. Enjoy the last photos of Phoenix and call me!

Rachel Anderson



Las Sendas, Mesa Arizona February 20, 2014

Hello readers!!

Most of you are looking for an area to move to in Arizona. If you have stumbled across my posts, I hope you take the time to read them.  I want to share with you a location that is great for those who want a golf course community, who desire a work out facility, clubhouse, community pool, beautiful landscape surrounding you as you drive home.  This location is called Las Sendas in Mesa.  

This area has a lot to offer, the Las Sendas Golf Course is one of the best in town.  People come from all over to play there.  

The reason I am writing this post is because of a home that just went up for sale in the area.  This home has every detail covered, from 3490 semi-custom Blandford gem w/Casita!  Enter thru romantic courtyard with rotunda, water feature, cascading plants, and automatic shades to either Casita or Main Home. 

This home is listed right now in MLS. Contact me today to get the MLS listing and to schedule a showing. Image


What is monsoon season in Arizona? What is a haboob? December 5, 2013

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This is a great question!! On average the monsoon season begins  the first two weeks of July. I moved out to Arizona in mid July 3 years ago and found it rained every day for 3 weeks straight. Okay, when I say rain, it didn’t just lightly rain, it down poured and the thunder and lightening show that went along with it was pretty impressive too!!

I thought, “wow it sure does rain a lot here and I am never going to get any sleep with the loud crashing booms at night.”  Not  knowing that the Monsoon

Season in Arizona only lasts about 2-3 months.  And pretty much the only precipitation we see for the whole year.

The storms are beautiful, but very dangerous.  The strong forced winds produce dust storms that make you feel you are Dorothy in the wizard of OZ, being taken away in a dust storm and not a tornado.



I remember driving home from Scottsdale one day going south on the 101.  All of a sudden out of no where, the wind started blowing aroundaround 80MPH and the cars on 101 south became the targets of flying tumble weeds.


Tumble weeds become very dangerous when there are thousands of them flying at your car at rates of 60 MPH and higher… I literally had to get in the middle lane and hide my car beside a pickup so my car wouldn’t continue to get scratched up….Now that I think about it, the scratches down the side of my car that I accused someone of keying my car for so long, probably are the result of the tumbleweed massacre that my car endured.

We tend to stay inside and watch these storms from the safety of our own homes.  These storms travel pretty fast, so there usually isn’t enough time to get off the roads and into a safe place.

Please share  your story about the Monsoon Season.

Also, if you are considering moving to Arizona and want more information about the Real Estate market, contact me today.

Rachel Anderson 480-589-7927 or


I am considering a short sale.

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I know what you are going through, I feel your pain and I want you to know I am here to help you.

Are your mortgage payments at least 3 months behind?  Have you received that dreaded letter, Trustee Sale?

As a Realtor, I have sold many short sale homes, more on the buyers side, but also on the sellers side.  I know what you are going through and I can advice you what to do and help you list your home.

DO, keep your house clean and free of clutter

DO NOT, punch holes in walls

DO, keep up with your HOA payments as much as possible.

DO NOT, strip away any of the appliances

DO, get a hold of a Realtor (Rachel Anderson) and allow me to help you.

REMEMBER: Your Realtor will give you an estimated sales price based on the comps in the area, however it is ultimately up to the bank(s) to come up with a sales price.

Here is a list of some of the items you will need to get ready if you are considering a short sale before the foreclosure.

2 most recent pay stubs

2 years of the most recent tax returns

2 most recent bank statements

A hardship letter describing why you can no longer keep up with your payments. There are some other items you will need and some banks require specific paperwork, but this will get you started.

Get a hold of me today to get your house on the market before the foreclosure goes into affect.  Short sales are better on your credit then a foreclosure, and it doesn’t hurt to try.

Rachel Anderson 480-589-7927


Why should I move to Arizona? Why not Florida or California?

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I originally thought they same thing. Why Arizona? I can move to Florida, go to Disney World (never been), live in Miami, party it up or  go swimming in the ocean (which would never happen, too afraid of sharks).. Wait, better yet, I can move to California go to Disney Land, become a famous actor,  run on the beach in my bikini (scare people away), why should I move to Arizona?

When choosing a location to move for retirement, or new job, or just needing a change, lots of things come into play.  What is there to do, how can I make a living, how far do I have to go for beach, exciting places to visit and so many other questions determine your future.

When I was living in Washington, DC I had to ask all of those questions. In DC I could be in New York in 3 hours, the beach in 4 hours, and my other favorite place, PITTSBURGH in about 5 hours.  So I thought where can I go and get the same atmosphere.

Florida, would be perfect, it has the night life I am looking for, it has the beaches, it has it all!!!! Oh ya and it has humidity that makes me feel like I am in a sauna all day long.  It also has some pretty bad hurricanes, ok nope not for me.

Arizona was my second choice, oh the hot weather was the first thing that came up….How can I deal with that hot weather, what do I do for 3 months when it is 120?  I talked to a lot of people and they said,”you will get used to it”, no way did I think that could be true…..but Arizona had it all, everything that I have in DC right now that I thought  I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I have the beach 3 hours south in Rocky Pointe, San Diego is west about 3.5 hours, Flagstaff for skiing 3 hours north.  LA a little under 8 hours away and of course Vegas 4 hours north…..HMMM how can I beat that…..102_10031

So I made the trip out, I drove down with my mom from Wyoming, my home state.  Never could  I imagine that the desert would be so beautiful.  Its not just cactus, it is so much more.  We drove through mountains, open grass land and of course desert with cactus surrounding us everywhere.

I have been here 4 years now and I don’t regret it at all. And for those HOT summers, well let me say I am freezing cold at 77 degrees and the summer nights are amazing.  Anyway, I am not in the HEAT for very long, I go from  my car, to my air conditioned home, officem grocery store and so on.


If you are having a hard time deciding where to make your next move, give me a call or email me directly I would be more then happy to share more information on what Arizona has to offer. I am a local Realtor as well, so I can assist you in finding a home to purchase or rent.

Did I mention we have some of the most amazing sunsets, ever?

Rachel Anderson 480-589-7928 or email


What is the crime like in Arizona

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Crime in Arizona is the same in most any other state.  No we don’t have illegal immigrants walking around with hand guns robbing us and taking us hostage.  No we don’t have wild Indians running around shooting us with bows and arrows.  Yes these are crazy examples, but they are actual questions I have heard while living here.   Crime here happens, just like any other city.  I hear about most of it on the news, and have never experienced any crime of my own.

If you want to know about the crime in a particular city, I have found this is a great website.  You can sign up to this website and it will send you email alerts of any crime happening in the area of your choice.

I live in Gilbert and have email alerts sent to me daily.

Are you looking to purchase a home in Arizona?  If you are contact me today so we can get your new home search started.

Thanks for reading.

Rachel 480-589-7927


As a home buyer what are my out of pocket expenses to my Realtor?

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Diving into purchasing a new home is scary and at times very stressful.  There are a lot of questions you have and don’t know who to turn to for answers.  Will I look stupid and be taken advantage of?  If I don’t know the answer to this question, will the Realtor use it against me?

I remember looking for my first home in Washington, DC I found my Realtor by driving up to Real Estate company. I stopped into the office and said, ” I want to buy a house.” I trusted that someone who worked there could help me.  I was very young and knew very little about purchasing a home.

My first question, was how much does the Realtor want from me?  She is doing a lot for me, I must have to pay her something for all of this.  The answer to that question is, as a buyer you do not have to pay your Realtor’s commission.  It comes from the sale of the property and is the expense of the seller.  Now, some Realtors do require a retainer fee which is usually between $100-$500.  This retainer fee covers the Realtor’s expenses and is most of the time refunded to you at Close of Escrow.  The retainer fee is to help weed out the not so serious buyers from the serious buyers.

I was charged a $200 retainer fee, which I was happy to pay, because I knew that my Realtor was working hard for me and if I purchased a house it would be refunded to me anyway.  Even if I didn’t purchase a house it was partially refundable.  The $200 covered her gas, printing materials time and much more that I wasn’t aware of until I got into the industry.

You will see more and more retainer fees being charged by Realtors and their brokerages.  Don’t be afraid of the fee and automatically assume you are being taken advantage of. The money is paid to the brokerage, not directly to the Realtor.

If you speak to a Lawyer their time and efforts are not free, so why would you expect anything different from a licensed Realtor?

If you are in the market and want more information on this topic. Contact me Rachel Anderson 480-589-7927.  Or please feel free to leave your comments about Retainer fees.